Chocolate: Editor Pre-Production Journal

Icicles by Keith Allison under CC BY-SA 2.0


For this project, we are going to create a short film using learned skills about cinematography, editing, blocking, and more. Our pre-production work will help us plan out the project. Our production days will be short but organized and compact. In post-production, all members of our team will be editing the raw film. In pre-productions, we scouted locations, finding ours quickly. We tried different camera angles to find which one fits each shot best. We tested different props as well, and found what we needed to use during our production.

  • Element: 48- Visual Match Cut
  • Element: 20- Mise-en-Scene
  • Element: 42- Matching Audio Segue

Test Shots:

Planning with Cinematographer:

We planned by scouting locations, shot types, and different camera angles. We agreed on what type of shot to use for each part, and we were able to get our film planned out. See “Storyboard Notation” section below for more details.

Influences from Films:

  • In “The Silence of The Lambs”, there are points in the movie where the editing causes the viewer to believe something different than what is happening
  • The cuts and placements of the shots are helpful in making viewers more emotionally attached to the characters and to what is going on in the movie
  • Another influential film is Citizen Kane: In this film, the opening scene when Kane says “Rosebud” and drops the snowglobe, and the closeup of his lips when he speaks, draws viewers into the story.

Storyboard Notation:


Editing Program:

Editing Shortcuts: I took these notes while watching a video about how to edit in Premiere Pro. This will be helpful because it will allow me to speed up the editing process. These notes came from a previous blog post.


What I learned and Problems I Solved:

In pre-production, I learned how to decide which shot types to use in certain scenes, and other editing tips. These tips helped me plan out our story better, which will overall lead to better quality of a video when we are done.

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